Ten things you should not attempt to do

From Jessica Stewart on April 21, 2017

I have been so stubborn and hard on myself the past few years. Everything is so vague. Meanwhile, I am unconscious of the occurrences of the intrapersonal dilemma I am facing that gradually destroys my sanity for once and for all.

Is it true that while a person added their age, the weight of the responsibility is gradually becoming heavy? I can offer that adulting sucks, perhaps, it is true right? It sucks because your parents are expecting you to be independent. You are responsible for yourself. I am speaking from my experience, it is so heavy, but I am not complaining at all. This is the reality of life, I have no other choices to choose from if I wanted to live.

I have always been obsessed with making myself better. I admired change, and I wanted to change because I want to grow. Change should not be an option in that matter.

Consequently, here are the ten things that you should not attempt to do:

  1. Self-deprecating yourself.
  2. Being hopeless.
  3. Comparing yourself.
  4. Conforming to norms.
  5. Obligate yourself to explain.
  6. Owning someone’s fault.
  7. Not trying.
  8. Being sorry for doing the right thing.
  9. Overthink too much.
  10. Being hard on yourself.

The year 2020 and 2021 has been challenging for most of us. Because of the pandemic, caused by a virus, we are bound to so much negativity that led us to despair and toxicity. However, it is yet evident that all of us have survived, and gone through all the challenges for that we must pat ourselves because after all, we deserve it.

It is a lot to swallow, however knowing that a new year has come, there is something to look forward to more than just despair and toxicity. It is something change. Indeed, an opportunity is given for us to be better individuals. Let us not take this opportunity for granted.

I know you have encountered these statements everywhere around. But still, it is neglected by so numerous individuals. This does not mean as a key to living a meaningful life. Sure, it is up to you, you are not obligated to follow these. You are aware of yourself, do what’s suits you. But think of this: I am just trying to help.

Never stop admiring yourself to be better even if it means changing. Just never stop.

P.S I should have put a deeper elucidation about these statements. Anyhow, I’ll take the time to discuss the ten statements. So, wait for it.




I am a Filipino, a student, an existentialist, and a self-proclaimed writer. My name is John, and my polarized opinions and stories awaits. Shall we?

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John Paul Anasarias

John Paul Anasarias

I am a Filipino, a student, an existentialist, and a self-proclaimed writer. My name is John, and my polarized opinions and stories awaits. Shall we?

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