Okay — What’s with the Make-up?

She is Jan. LOOK AT HER!

Recently, I have finished reading a book by Janet Evanovich — A Stephanie Plum Novel: Four to Score. The book was A+; it was simple but the leverage is intolerable. If you happen to read the book you will undoubtedly haunt me for where and how did I get this idea from.

I have no time to reiterate the entire story. I will just elucidate a brief synopsis.

Stephanie was a bounty hunter, and she was assigned to look after Maxine — who was a fugitive. She did not show up in her trial and eventually went missing together with his boyfriend’s car. While Maxine’s missing, on the other hand, she planted an act of revenge for his egocentric ex-boyfriend — Eddie Kuntz through cryptic messages. Stephanie had a hard time decoding the messages. However, by Sally’s analytical mind he was able to decode the message which helped Stephanie find the lead to Maxine. After the days of playing hide-and-seek, Maxine was retrieved from playing her game successfully.

What’s the point, John Paul?

Let me take you on Sally’s point-of-you. He is a Drag Queen, a performer, from the North. We all know that drag queens’ are the jack-of-all-trades creatures that existed — they could make songs and sing, dance and do death-drops, sew dresses, do comedy, tuck their wieners like they don’t exist, and do spectacular make-up, well not in Heidi N Closet’s favor, though; other than that there are more things to mention.

This is not in the verbatim to Sally’s thinking; however, halfway through the story, Sally expressed that make-up increases his self-insecurities.

I promptly feel the need to make an article for this one. So, let us talk.

What supposedly is the purpose of make-up? It is simple, to add life by colors and pigments. The problem is that make-up could be taken out from an against perspective. It could be detrimental, but inevitable. I used to have make-up every day when I was in elementary. I feel confident and beautiful.

Beauty Standard is too absurd that it did even consider me existing. Beauty is diverse, and that is something that should be celebrated not ignored. What happens is that in a sample population, if you ask them what is the definition of beauty? They will likely say: ‘having a congested nose, sleek hair, foxy eyes, etc. Is just all about what we perceived. And when we see someone who wears make-up — a ton of pigments, we will screw them. It is too shallow and problematic to….

The photo is from Pinterest

Make-up is supposed to make you feel more of yourself, confident, and unbothered. Do not feel insecure that is suicide — give it to yourself.

But having to read what Sally’s said. It is really happening. What we can do? Stop telling yourself that you aren’t beautiful because beauty is felt from the inside. Just because you wear make-up doesn't mean you are not pretty. Well you are, you just wanna make sure — assurance.

See? a coin has always had two sides.




I am a Filipino, a student, an existentialist, and a self-proclaimed writer. My name is John, and my polarized opinions and stories awaits. Shall we?

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John Paul Anasarias

John Paul Anasarias

I am a Filipino, a student, an existentialist, and a self-proclaimed writer. My name is John, and my polarized opinions and stories awaits. Shall we?

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