My Coven of Troll Cronies

“No man is an island”. Commonsensically, indeed no man is an island. Perhaps, everyone will favor my side me thinking that statement is overrated, however, on the contrary, an overlooked statement.

It was never wondered in my precious mind to write something about my friends. I mean there is nothing to boast about them, there is nothing special, literally none; thus, why would I bother myself looking for words, typing them in rhetorical cohesion? For what to compose a futile story where no one seriously cares? Funny, because I am still doing this. It keeps on going, and going, and going, is it not?

Today, I was able to inhale some air of freedom, I completely forgot how it feels. Supposedly, I was going to join them the earlier day, but I did not so this is my only opportunity. Also, because we were caught up by the school tasks, we are currently in college taking our respective undergraduate degrees seriously, for real.

On the 4th of February, we decided to go out together and have some ‘catching-up-with-my-trolls-friends’ moment. We went to a modernized food house to get some delish food to eat, catch up with each other, talk about absurd stories and laugh our life to death, back-stabbing someone we have doubts about, and of course, read each other to filth.

After all, these are what we’ve been used to, and it is so delightful to have experienced it with them again, all for once, it was everything beyond transcendental.

On a more serious note, if my memory serves me well, these people I met way back in 2013, and our group is called the four angels, and funny because each one of us is assigned to an elemental decree, I was the earth and my color is green. We had a great time in one year of being together. A lot happened along the way but it cannot outweigh the amount of laugh we released in one damn year that it feels forever — that makes the group steadfast.

I love these trolls more than I do love myself, to be brutally honest. However, I couldn’t bring myself to share with them my dilemma which is one ever dared to do so, neither do I.

I am beyond happy with them — and their existence is enough to outcast the spell of sadness, they will surely make you laugh to death.

I only wish for them to succeed in their field because even they are trolls they got big brains.

They shall forever be part of my universe, they are the stars, not just the stars that twinkle in the desolated night sky, but the stars that stay. And I am more than relieved knowing that they are in my universe.

I hope you all could find your stars in your universe :)

P.S I know these trolls will come after me because I posted our raw picture. For the record, I will no longer incriminate myself, they just rely on filters because their face alone cannot stand beauty. They will surely murder me for doing this, but I have the audacity, not my fault though.




I am a Filipino, a student, an existentialist, and a self-proclaimed writer. My name is John, and my polarized opinions and stories awaits. Shall we?

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John Paul Anasarias

John Paul Anasarias

I am a Filipino, a student, an existentialist, and a self-proclaimed writer. My name is John, and my polarized opinions and stories awaits. Shall we?

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